A bunch of useless crap
Published on April 24, 2016 By MasonM In Blogging

I'm currently in a motel room in Buffalo, NY. I delivered some snow removal stuff for a trade show. I arrived in Buffalo on Wednesday and sat in the marshaling yard until Friday evening when I finally got unloaded and then checked into the motel.

I'll be hanging out here until Wednesday when I reload and take the stuff back where I got it. Fun, fun.

Life has been, well, life. People come, people go. Good people die, bad people live on. 

These days I'm just doing my job. That's really about it. I'm trying to take care of my health, watching what I eat (for the most part), getting daily exercise (most days), and trying to earn a living. I pretty much keep to myself, just work during the day and stream Netflix or Amazon Video in the evening before bed. Not really socializing at all, who needs it?

I guess I'm totally out of the blogging habit, I'm just drawing a blank on anything worthwhile to type. Perhaps I am just out of anything worthwhile to say. After all, my life is just get up, work, go to bed. No exactly mentally stimulating.

But life goes on.

on Apr 24, 2016

Good to hear from you, Mason.  Here's hoping things get a bit more interesting but it's always good to know you're truckin' along (pardon the pun).

on Apr 24, 2016

Thanks. I guess I'm just living in a holding pattern these days.

on Apr 25, 2016

Always remember you have a bunch of friends here.

on Apr 26, 2016

Hi Mason,

Yes, indeed, good to hear from you and isn't it great that Joeuser is still available for us to use?  

I've been away from blogging for several years too.

Life certainly has it's ups and downs....for everyone.  For me, the "down" was a bout with breast cancer. But with the Grace of God and the wonders of modern medicine and technology, I am now over 5 years "cancer free".

I know you will understand when I say that life goes on and it has a purpose.

"Thou hast made us for Thyself, O God, and our heart is restless until it rests in Thee." Saint Augustine

on Apr 30, 2016

Thanks, Daiwa. lulapilgrim, glad you made it through your ordeal.

on May 29, 2016

Time for your monthly report, Mason.