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Published on March 6, 2010 By MasonM In Blogging

I've been in this motel for over two weeks now waiting for my truck to be fixed. One of the housekeepers here, a black lady, has been calling me either "Mr Blue" or "Mr B" since I've been here.

Tonight that housekeeper happened into the motel lounge after her shift. I asked her why the hell she referred to me as Mr Blue. She told me the first time she saw me I was smoking a pipe and wearing a royal blue dress shirt and after that every shirt she saw me wearing was some shade of blue, and she just thought of me as Mr Blue because she thought I looked really good in blue and smoking a pipe I had to be called Mister. She seems to think anyone who smokes a pipe is deserving of respect. In her words "Any man smoking a pipe is uptown".


I hadn't thought about it but all three of the shirts I brought with me when I put the truck in the shop was some shade of blue. I guess I am partial to that color shirt even though I hadn't thought about it.

She's a nice lady and I guess I don't mind being called Mr Blue. She told me she liked the smell of my pipe tobacco and it made my room smell a lot better than a lot of the rooms she had to clean. A compliment to  my pipe tobacco I guess. Also a great compliment to her taste in odors I think.

We had a good time in the lounge and I feel just a little bit closer to her. She really is a nice lady, which is what I first felt about her. I love getting to know new people. Despite the fact that she calls me by some made up name she's a person I feel happy that I have met.



on Mar 13, 2010

Mason, I sincerely hope you are not still stuck in that motel.  I think you are on the road with a good load.  It would be about time!  Take care. 





on Mar 13, 2010

Sorry to hear about your recent string of luck Mason. Never heard of Catherine Feeny before. Made me buy the song on iTunes.

No matter how hard you try, looks like you are doing some good in this world!

on Mar 15, 2010

Thanks, folks. I am currently in Wisconsin getting ready to go to the airport and fly back down to Orlando to pick up my truck. Last Monday the boss's son, who was in Daytona for bike week, came by the motel and picked me up and brought me back to WI. I used a borrowed truck to run a load out to Maryland and back.

The idiots in Orlando finally finished my truck on Friday.

We were thinking I would have to take the bus down but after checking fares it's actually cheaper to fly.

on Mar 15, 2010

We were thinking I would have to take the bus down but after checking fares it's actually cheaper to fly.

You catch them right (especially to places like Orlando) and it is even cheaper than driving (considering the cost of gas).

best of luck!  And have fun back out on the road.

on Mar 15, 2010

Yeah.....   you are there~

on Mar 22, 2010

Been busy trying to make up for lost time (and income) of late and haven't been online at all. Delivering to an airport in MI tomorrow morning.

on Mar 23, 2010

Thanks for the news.  Make that money and get caught up.  I hope you don't see snow for awhile!