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Published on February 17, 2010 By MasonM In Blogging

After getting my truck out of the shop in WI I headed south with my load. I had a stop at a military base in AL, then a stop at a construction site in Palm Bay, FL, then a final stop in Miami.

The stop in AL was a bear as an ice stoem had hit the place and several roadways were shut down includiing two I needed to use, forcing me to find some "intersting" detours to get where I was going.

Once I left that stop my truck started giving me problems. I had a crane appointment in Palm Bay I needed to make and didn't need truck issues just then. The truck was using up coolant at an amazing rate and I had to stop many times to refill it.

I did make my crane appointment but at thwe cost of some sleep. I was dead tired by the time I made it to the construction site where I was delivering a generator. As with many construction sites it was less than truck friendly and I had a tought time backing my rig around the building and to where it needed to be. Naturally I pulled it off, but it wasn't easy by any means.

As I headed to Miami I called the shop and let them know I was having engine troubles. They wanted me to head to an engine shop right away but I let them know I had to make Miami first. It was partly a personal pride thing as I always strive to complete a job and partly that I knew the stuff was going on a ship that was to sail on Saturday and if the repairs took too long they would miss the boat.

I also told them to find a shop anywhere but Miami as I didn't want to spend time there. I hate Miami.

They found a shop in Orlando and I headed there after deliery in Miami. After spending most of the day there they informed me that my engine had some really serious problems. Maybe it can be fixed in a couple of days, maybe it'll take a week.

A week! I can't afford to sit here for a couple of days let alone a fracking week! I am losing money every minute I sit here. A week will break me for sure. As it is, with the economy the way it is, even a day or two puts me in a serious financial bind, but a week equals financial disaster.

Knowing how the truck was acting, I expect to be here a bit. I made a phone call to a friend and instructed her to sell my house as soon as possible. Yeah, things are that tight. I simply won't be able to keep it if I am down for more than two days. Right now I am wondering how I'll manage to eat for the next few days.

Ah well, I can afford to lose a few more pounds yet. I've managed to drop 20lbs in the past year and could stand to lose another 20.

I love trucking most days. Today isn't one of those.

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