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Published on January 11, 2013 By MasonM In Mobile Tech

I've been using Android phones for a long time now, and Linux even longer, but recently I have become something of a fan of Windows 8. I am running 8 on one of my laptops and have a Surface tablet. I really like it.

I have been seriously considering dropping my Galaxy s3 Android phone for a Windows phone. As I am on Verizon and don't want to switch carriers I am currently limited to two phones, the HTC 8x and the Nokia 822. The HTC is arguably the higher end hardware and would normally be my default choice.

I have been reading all of the "professional" reviews and they all go for the HTC.

But, when I started checking the forums where people who actually own and use the phones post I find a plethora of complaints about the HTC. Lots more than the Nokia. It appears to me that in the real world the Nokia 822 is actually the better, more reliable device despite it's lower screen resolution.

I think I'll go with the Nokia.

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on Jan 18, 2013

Dr Guy
Quoting WOM, reply 2Don't know about phones but I hate W8 PC.  Took mine back to the store.  Yey said a ;ot of people are doing that.

I got the tablet.  It is ok.  What I love about it is Office comes bundled.

But I have played with the PC - and yes, I hate it as well!


Really? I actually like Win 8 Pro over 7. Love my Surface (typing this on it now).

on Jan 18, 2013

Dr Guy
For that bad pun, we should lock up Jafo and throw rotten fruit at him!

Oi....'twas starkers who made the pun, not I ...

on Jan 18, 2013


Quoting LightStar, reply 21I would just stick with what you have, the S3 is an excellent phone I have heard. Me, I'll just stick with my Motorola Atrix 2 Android, it does what I want, I don't need anything else.

Yes, well, if I weren't interested in making the switch from Android to WP8 I doubt I would have written the post in the first place. Unlike many, I actually like Windows 8 on my laptop as well as my Surface. Some folks fear change, I am not among those.

Same here, I'm really loving Win 8 on my desktop and my phone... and when I get my Surface I'll love that too.  I did give a thought to Samsung and Lenovo tablets, and the specs on both are quite good, but the Surface is my choice because I like its looks as well as its specs... the wider screen is a winner in my view. 

I don't fear change, either, and I've been there with the early betas of Vista, 7 and 8, but I will admit that I didn't like Win 8 to begin with, though I think that may have been down to issues I had with dual booting rather than the OS itself.  However, once I relegated Win 7 to my spare rig and set up Win 8 on its own, things were so much better all round and I got used to the Metro UI rather quickly.  Like my dad used to say: "A change is as good as a holiday."