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Published on February 11, 2012 By MasonM In Blogging

Wow, I don't know what the deal is, but I have been doing some serious sleeping of late. Wednesday night I went to bed at my usual time, 10:00PM and didn't wake until 8:00AM. I normally wake, without an alarm precisely at 6:00AM.

Last night I went to bed again at 10:00PM and didn't wake until 9:30AM. That's just ridiculous. I about shit when I looked at the clock and saw the time. I never, ever sleep that long. I am just guessing that for whatever reason my body was needing some extra rest. It did make me later than I wanted on making my delivery, but such is life sometimes. No big deal.

Maybe I'm just getting old.

Wisconsin greeted me with cold wind and snow. Yuck. It's been freezing ass cold here today. Miserable weather for working outside. 

I delivered the military truck, picked up a generator, and went to the yard. The roads sucked and the people were driving like they had lost what minds they had. Vehicles in ditches, people either driving way too slow or way too fast, and of course the snow plows out trying to clear the roads. Chaos.

The dietary changes I have made as a result of flunking my DOT physical seem to be having at least some effect. The past couple of days I have been walking around pulling up my pants because they are too loose. I have my belt on the last tightest notch and it isn't quite enough. This damn diet is going to start costing me some real money if I have to start buying new clothes. I can't afford it. I'll go to Wal Mart tomorrow and buy a smaller belt, that should stave off having to buy new pants for a while at least.

I am holed up in the motel until Sunday morning. I have a fire truck, over-sized load, going to Baltimore. I don't have to deliver it until Tuesday so I don't need to leave here until Sunday morning. I am just kicked back and relaxing until then. I'm going to just sleep as late as I feel the need tomorrow and try to get all of this stupid amount of sleep out of my system. 

I feel ok so I have no idea why I am sleeping so much, but I figure there must be a reason. The body does what it needs to do I guess. I just hate wasting so much of a day unconscious. 

Did I mention it's fracking damn cold here? Oh yeah, I guess I did. And it is. And I fracking hate it!

I watched The Adjustment Bureau a couple of nights ago. It wasn't exactly what I expected, but it wasn't too bad. 

I think tomorrow I'll hit the Chinese Buffet for lunch. Can't eat healthy ALL the time ya know. Besides, Chinese food isn't all that bad for you. And I do like to use my chopsticks now and again. It's always amusing to see the faces of the waitresses when they see you brought your own fancy chopsticks.

That's one thing I liked about the show Firefly. You would see them sitting and eating together and some would be using a fork and some would be using chopsticks. That whole American/Chinese hybrid thing the show had going. I thought it was pretty cool.

Ok, at this point at least some of you are wondering why the hell I am rambling on from one unrelated topic to the next. That's easy, I really didn't have anything in particular to write about tonight but figured I should post something or other just to prove I am still alive (more or less). Besides, I have to give Judy something to read now and again

At some point tomorrow I'll go over to Wal Mart and use that stupid blood pressure machine thingy to see if my new dietary habits are helping out in that area at all. I really, really don't want to have to take blood pressure medication. If the stupid blood pressure machine thingy indicates my blood pressure is ok now I'll get into a doctor's office next week, have them check it and, hopefully, sign the paperwork I need to get my two year medical card.

If I get medically disqualified from driving a truck my next best option will be working as a Wal Mart greeter. Not a really good career move in my opinion.

When I checked into the motel I hit the Piggly Wiggly for some supplies. I got some broasted chicken, cole slaw, and deviled eggs for tonight's dinner, as well as a jug of orange juice and some cantaloupe for tomorrow's breakfast. Oh, and I also picked up a bottle of Seagram's 7 and a bottle of 7UP for, ummm, medicinal purposes (I've given up beer for the most part in and effort to trim a few pounds).

I've been hoping someone would finally put a Linux tablet out on the market but so far I am just not seeing it. Or I've missed it. Dunno. I do really want a Linux tablet. I like my iPad well enough, and my Android phone is good too, but I want a tablet with a real OS. Android and iOS are...limited in many ways. Give me a full function Tablet with a real OS. Please.

Ok, enough rambling, meandering, and generally wasting time on nonsense. Time for bed.

on Feb 12, 2012

No way can I not write back tonight because you threw my name out there didn't you?  That's ok.  I do check every few days to see what you have been up to and it sounds like you are up to getting to feeling better and eating better and getting that BP down although the pills  I take aren't bad at all.  You do put in some long hours out there on the road Mason and hard physical labor takes a toll.  I am glad you had an opportunity to get some extra sleep.

The cold and wet is moving back in now as I speak.  Had been up to nearly 50 the last couple of days but the bitter and the wet is dropping in from Colorado.   I will be ready for summer soon as I detest the cold as much as you do.  

Been doing my yoga, my walking and trying to get better.  It will be easier when it is warmer outside but my new little place is pretty snug and the bills have been reasonable so far.  So, pull up your pants (buy a belt if you need one man) a good heavy flannel shirt and be on your way tomorrow.  Football is over, I am not that into basketball and when Tiger golfs I get nervous so have not one clue what I will do tomorrow.  Probably watch a movie from the library with my DD.  

Hoping for a warming trend and dry roads in your near future.  I truly did enjoy your ramble tonight as you knew I would.  Stay safe.  j

on Feb 12, 2012

Thanks, Judy. I decided to be lazy and take another day off. I'll go over and chain down the load this afternoon and hit the road early tomorrow morning.

I just can't get too motivated about going to Baltimore