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Published on November 4, 2011 By MasonM In Blogging

After a great deal of driving and trying to work my way through some terrible traffic, a couple of accident delays, and road construction, and delivering two stops, I finally pulled into a truckstop in Seymour, Indiana. There just happens to be a bar and grill called Brewskies about a block down the service road from the truckstop.

I accidentally walked in to Brewskies. Since I was there anyway I decided to have a seat at the bar. I ordered a beer, lit up a pipe, and relaxed for a bit.

During the evening a couple of ladies told me how much they liked the smell of my pipe which led to various conversations that helped pass the time.

I had a really good Brewskie burger, which is a burger topped with grilled onions, Brew City Bottle Caps (fried red and green jalapeno slices), and their "special sauce". The thing will make you sweat but tastes great!

As my back and bum hip have been killing me lately I had used my cane to walk down there. Once I got there I stashed it under the bar and out of sight. I really hate using the thing. I still view it as a sign of weakness, that's just how I am.

When I was ready to leave I put on my jacket, slung my backpack over my shoulder, and knocked the cane to the floor. I was really embarrassed when a young lady bent down and picked up the cane for me. I can't even begin to tell you how irritated that made me feel. I almost bit through the stem of my pipe.

I thanked her and made my way out of the place as quickly as I could.

I don't mind the gray in my beard nearly as much as I mind the cane. Yeah, it helps me get around when I am not feeling my best, but I despise the need for it.

on Nov 05, 2011

Mason, I know your pride is important here BUT there can be a graciousness  and some humor involved in getting a little older.  Look around and see how some of us have to handle changes too.  I am not thrilled with my new false teeth that hurt and are hard to use and hauling around my oxygen tank is not real sexy BUT I try to make jokes if someone around me seems uneasy and put them at ease.  Makes it easier for me too then. The pain makes you crabby I know.  People like you and like to talk to you.  Work with it....you will feel better and if not......just shoot me and put me out of my misery.   Didn't Frank Sinatra use a walking stick when he danced?  

on Nov 05, 2011

Great little burg, Seymour.  Mellencamp's home town.  Some nice 'swimmin holes' around there.  A cousin by marriage grew up there & I visited a bunch of times while in high school.

Hope the back & hip settle down, Mason.

on Nov 08, 2011

Well....your radar is still working!

You remind me some of Martin Crane (Frasier's Dad).  No matter how much logic you pour into it, emotion still wins out at times.

on Nov 12, 2011

So where have you been hanging out this week Mason?  Sure hope you are feeling chipper again and enjoying your travels.  Anything exciting happening in your world?  Try to stay away from snow this next week.  

on Nov 14, 2011
Thanks, everyone. I am replying from my iPad and the quote function won't work on JU on it, which makes indivdual responses a bit difficult. I appreciate the replies. The back is felling a bit better most days even if it is still giving me issues. I can live with it I just like to bitch once in a while to vent a bit. I stupidly managed to twist my right ankle on Friday while securing and tarping my load down here to south Texas so that is giving me the most grief right now. I can walk on it well enough, I just have to be careful with it. Stupid ankle is swollen to about three times it's normal size. I've been wearing my tall boots to help support it and putting ice on it in the evenings. Not really a big deal, just something else to bitch about My final stop down here is at the Air Force Base in San Angelo, TX. I am about an hour from there now. I checked into a really cheap motel ($33 including tax). Turns out the motel owner also owns the bar and grill across the stree. I am sitting at the bar as I type this, enjoying a cold one, a pipe, and will be taking a chance on the food soon. There is an... interesting assortment of folks here but that's what you can expect in a very small Texas town out in the sticks.
on Nov 14, 2011

Hi Mason, Did your company ever come through with the new truck? 

on Nov 14, 2011
No, no new truck yet. The two they bought have had some major problems so they haven't bought any more. I am happy to stay with my truck until they work out the issues. Thanks for asking.
on Nov 26, 2011

Did you get some turkey this year?  If so where?  Any interesting people that you shared your time with.  Where are you trucking Mason?  

on Nov 30, 2011

Did you get some turkey this year?  If so where?  Any interesting people that you shared your time with.  Where are you trucking Mason?  

No turkey this time around, had BBQ instead. That's ok because I like BBQ better than turkey anyway


I am currently back down in Texas, on my way back to WI again.

on Dec 01, 2011

Next year, just have BBQed Turkey!

on Dec 05, 2011

Dr Guy
Next year, just have BBQed Turkey!


LOL good idea

on Dec 07, 2011

Well, keeping secrets again about where you are trucking.  Beginning to wonder who she is!     Are you warm or cold, snow or rain, north or south, busy or not?    Just missing your travels.   Take care.


on Dec 09, 2011

I just got back to Wisconsin from Philly and taking a day off. It's freezing up here.

on Dec 10, 2011

SURPRISE!   It is cold EVERYWHERE.  Enjoy you down time and do what you WANT to do a opposed to what you need to do.   Stay warm.    

on Dec 13, 2011

Well, it's fairly warm down in south Texas right now.