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Published on September 7, 2011 By MasonM In Blogging

As my physical health declines on an almost daily basis I am dreaming of retiring on a sailboat. I spend some of my off time reading sailing magazines and checking out sailboats on the web. Given my financial situation it's just dreaming, but it's a pleasant way to pass the time.

I spent a good bit of my youth sailing the Gulf of Mexico, The Caribbean, and the Atlantic Seaboard, so I am not unfamiliar with boats. I know what sort of boat I would like to spend my remaining years sailing. The following is what I think would be the perfect boat to live aboard, sail where I want, and maybe even go visit the Mediterranean again before I die.


Like I said, just a dream. 45 feet long, three cabins, fully self-contained, can be sailed by one person, and roughly three quarters of a million dollars. In reality I will likely wind up on a small boat with a single bunk that leaks a lot LOL,

But one can dream.

on Sep 08, 2011

Hmmmm.....if I sell, my house, and liquidate my retirement plans - maybe......

You got great taste!  I would love that as well!  She is a beauty!

on Sep 08, 2011
Thanks. If you're gonna dream, dream big I guess.
on Sep 09, 2011

WOW!  Nice boat.  I could take that kind of living myself.  Very nice.  

on Sep 10, 2011

I hope you find a way, Mason.  I am afraid I 'd just have to settle for a bigger sleeper.

on Sep 11, 2011
Thanks, KFC and BFD. Just a dream.
on Sep 12, 2011

Wow, now that is A BOAT.  Keep buying those lottery tickets Mason.  

on Sep 12, 2011