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Published on July 27, 2011 By MasonM In Blogging

I am in North Bend, Washington. There is a little log building tavern called the Mt Si Tavern about a half mile down the frontage road from the truck stop here, and I have been visiting it for a number of years now.

Over time I have come to know some of the regulars there, as well as the employees. It is one of my favorite taverns in the U.S.

I was really happy to see an old fellow called "Smoky", who has been fighting lung cancer for the past couple of years, shooting pool when I walked down there from the truck stop. We chatted for a bit. It did my heart good to see this good hearted fellow still around and enjoying himself. He is one of the good people and I feel honored to know him. I know him as well as his two daughters and will sorely miss him when he is gone.

Honestly, when I walked down there from the truck stop I expected to hear that he had already passed away. The fact that not only was he still here but also looked quite healthy was a real pleasant surprise. 

I was readily welcomed by several of the locals when I got there. It is always fun to have people know you when you are thousands of miles from home. It feels like you are home again even though you are on the opposite side of the continent.

I spent some time drinking a few beers, smoking on the back porch, and eating some really spicy chili, before calling it a day and getting ready to head back to my truck.

It is a half mile walk from the truck stop to the bar, and visa versa. I had walked down there, using my cane to ease the normal pain of walking I feel in my bum leg. Leaving was a different story. A fellow I have known for a few years now insisted on giving me a ride back to my truck.

Being as my leg has been giving me a lot of trouble of late I welcomed the ride. A couple of other people also offered me a ride back, but I took his offer and thanked the others for their offers. People can be great at times.

There are a lot of good people in the world if you are open to knowing them.

on Jul 28, 2011

I live in a smaller city which is very friendly and Canadians pride themselves on their politeness but even in Canada that is all out the window when you go to our big cities. I don't think man was meant to be so compacted into big cities, it drastically changes peoples behaviour.

Nice to hear a friendly story once in a while.   


on Jul 28, 2011

It does not hurt if a few of those that recognize you are cute girls either, does it?

I hear the weather is nice out there - but hot in the rest of the nation!  Guess the trip went better after Montana.  Have a safe trip back.

on Jul 29, 2011

Nice story Mason.  People do GET others once in awhile.  Hope the next leg you are doing is cool and uneventful.   

on Aug 01, 2011
myfist0, I have met lots of good people during my past visits to Canada, most especially in Hamilton, Ont. Great city. Doc, there are a couple of people of the female persuasion I know in that place. As I say, nice folks. The trip after Montana went quite well until I was about 15 miles from my delivery point where I was pulled over by DOT officer for an inspection. I could tell right off, by his attitude, that it wasn't going to go well. He started off trying to say I had falsified my log book saying "You couldn't possibly be here now from where this says you started". I pointed out he was looking at the wrong day. He looked again, his face turned red, and he handed me my log book without a word. He then went around my trailer and came back to tell me I had two loose chains. I knew better, but climbed out to check them as he walked back to his car. As I already knew, he was full of shit. All of my chains were tight. He walked back up and I asked him which chains were loose because they all seemed tight to me. He just handed me the inspection report which listed two loose chains, a moderately serious violation, said "Have a nice day" and walked back to his car. What an asshole. He ruined my perfect inspection record. I was seriously tempted to throw the truck into reverse and crush his car, but my better sense prevailed and I just went on to deliver my load. Sometimes you just aren't going to win. notronaj, my friend, Thanks for stopping by. I am now in Missouri, or as I call it today, missery, and it is hotter than blazes. I delivered a garbage truck south of Springfield this morning and picked up a farm tractor about two hours south of St Louis this afternoon. By the time I had the tractor loaded and secured I was as soaked with sweat as if I had been working in a rain storm. I called in that I had the tractor loaded and that I was going to go get a room, a much needed shower, and a few beers, and we could go from there tomorrow morning. 100+ heat with high humidity isn't fit weather for working outside. I was really zapped by the time I finished up. The shower really helped a lot and I am now in my second beer and have recovered enough that instead of feeling sick to stomach I am now considering ordering one of the wonderful burgers they make here.
on Aug 02, 2011

. I was seriously tempted to throw the truck into reverse and crush his car, but my better sense prevailed

That is why I am glad YOU drive a truck and most of the rest of us do not!

on Aug 03, 2011

Dr Guy

Quoting MasonM, reply 4. I was seriously tempted to throw the truck into reverse and crush his car, but my better sense prevailed

That is why I am glad YOU drive a truck and most of the rest of us do not!

Ah well, even I am tempted at times.