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Published on May 29, 2011 By MasonM In Blogging

Last weekend I hauled a military truck out to a movie studio vehicle special effects lot in California. It was an over weight load and of course I had to have permits to haul it out there. That is usually not a big deal, but due to the weight it had to be loaded on a 50 foot trailer as it would have been impossible to get the axle weights right on a 48 foot trailer.

That is also usually not a big deal, but in CA they have a shorter bridge law measurement than other states. Bridge law refers to the distance between the kingpin of the trailer and it's rear axle. A 50 foot RGN trailer violates the CA bridge law by two feet. That means I had to be very careful to route myself so as to not enter any CA weigh stations.

After delivering the truck I had to run down to Riverside and pick up a farm tractor, and then up to Madera to pick up another farm tractor. Getting to Riverside without entering a weigh station was easy, but I had to go almost 200 miles out of my way to get from there to Madera in order to avoid the weigh stations.

I then had to do another circuitous route to get out of the state. It pretty well took me all day to get from Madera to the Nevada line, but once I crossed that line I could relax and not worry about the weigh stations any more. I hate California.

Well, I spent the night at the Petro truck stop in Sparks, NV. As is normal in NV, the truck stop has a casino. I have a member's club card there as I do get that way a couple of times a year and the card gets me dollar beers if I am not gambling, and free ones if I am. I usually stick a five in the machine embedded in the bar and play a few games so I can get free beers. Once in a while I actually win a little too. Not this time though.

The rest of the trip back was pretty run of the mill for the most part. I knew I wouldn't be able to make it to the two delivery locations in WI on Friday, so I worked it out with both places to make delivery on Saturday. Being a holiday weekend, I was kind of surprised that both places agreed to it.

I am now kicking back at the motel taking it easy. I have to haul a couple of tanks, the sort they use on fuel trucks, out to PA for Tuesday morning. I have them all secured down on the trailer ready to go and will head out Monday morning. It's just about a day's drive out there from here, so no problem.

For now I can just relax, get my paperwork done and scanned in to the office, and mostly goof off and watch the idiot box for a while. I considered going and doing some laundry but am just not in the mood. I have enough clean clothing to last the week and can do it next weekend. For now I would rather loaf.

I did go over to the Chinese buffet for lunch, which was very good. I then went to Wally World and stocked up on groceries for the coming week. It is nice to have a refrigerator and microwave in the truck. I think I may eventually pick up a crock pot and maybe a George Forman Grill as well. The crock pot would be especially nice as I could make chili or even a beef roast in it while driving down the road.

The temperature here is finally shows signs of warming up and it is in the upper 60s and lower 70s today, but it looks as if we are going to get some rain today. No worries for me though, I have already done everything I need to do outside so if it rains I don't really care.

Well, I suppose I'll see what is on the idiot box and get to the paperwork. The sooner it's done the sooner I can return to goofing off.

on May 31, 2011

Kind of surprising about the California Bridge law.  They were the reason that Tandems (and the trains of 3) were forced on other states that did not like them.  Without the 50 footer how could you have moved the truck?  It seems like they are bound to make hauling some things impossible.

And you will be getting warm this week!  We are headed for the century mark (and I suspect PA is not far behind).  Have a safe trip.

on May 31, 2011
Quite right, Guy. Without that trailer I could not have delivered the truck as there was no way to make the axle weights right. I think CA just enjoys being difficult. It was quite warm in both PA and OH today. Feels good to me, but others were already complaining about the heat. Geez, it isn't even Summer yet LOL
on Jun 07, 2011

So what is next?  Hope you can avoid the forest fires.  It is bad for everyone with the deadly smoke hanging over Albuquerque.  Stay cool!   It has gotten HOT over night here.  

on Jun 07, 2011

So what is next?  Hope you can avoid the forest fires.  It is bad for everyone with the deadly smoke hanging over Albuquerque.  Stay cool!   It has gotten HOT over night here.  

I can well imagine. Hope you are clear of the actual fires.