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Published on April 12, 2011 By MasonM In Blogging

Tonight finds me in Lebanon, IN. After a trying day of last minute covering for someone who called in hungover/sick/dead/whatever and scrambling down to Indiana to pick up a load going to Florida I was finally able to stop here, get a much needed bite to eat, and relax for a bit.

I stopped here to visit Johnny's next to the Flying J truck stop. I have been visiting this place for years. It has changed hands and names a couple of times, and has even been remodeled, but it is still a trucker bar.

When I walked in, wearing khakis, a nice shirt, bow tie, and Homburg hat, I was immediately greeted by the bartender and had a beer placed in front of my favorite seat at the bar. It's nice to be so far from home and be known.

One guy wearing a cheap straw cowboy hat, not even a trucker, started trying to screw with me about my Homburg, but the bartender, sweetheart that she is, immediately lit into him and let him know that she liked me a lot more than she liked him (I am a regular there) and if he wanted to start trouble she would make sure he was the one riding in the back of a police car after he lost the fight.

I couldn't help but chuckle. He just shut up and drank his drink. I didn't hear any more from him.

I am back in my truck now, getting ready to climb in the bunk. I had a good time in the bar, talking with a couple of fellow drivers, drinking a few beers, and smoking a few bowls. I even had one young lady give me a kiss smack on the lips after telling me how much she liked the smell of my tobacco.

Once the karaoke crap started I decided to call it a night.

I can't stand it despite the fact that I sing like a bird.

Ever hear a buzzard?

I am convinced that "karaoke" literally translates from Japanese to English as "Revenge for Hiroshima".

Anyway, my bowl of Frog Morton On The Town is about finished now so I am going to give my pillow some head.

Oh, by the way, I think I have some sort of chest cold as I have had a nasty cough for the past couple of days, complete with all the nasty stuff such a cough brings up. Hopefully that will pass soon.

on Apr 13, 2011

I love to sing as well - in the shower or alone in my car!  but I do not like to listen to amateurs either.  Yes, it is the Japanese revenge for losing the war!

Glad you found your regular spot and are still remembered.  It is always nice to sit down in a comfortable spot and just relax.


Have a safe trip.  Weather on the east coast is not too bad.  Mild and dry.

on Apr 16, 2011

Watch those cold symptoms ... lots of nasty stuff going around on top of allergies!  Buy stock in Kleenex.  watch where you drive.     j

on Apr 16, 2011

Watch those cold symptoms as lots of nasty stuff going around.  Then factor in the spring allergies.  Buy stock in Kleenex and keep your eye on the road.   Stay safe.    j

on Apr 19, 2011
Thanks, folkls. I figured out the cold symptoms were actually the early signs of Spring allergies starting up. A bit of Claritin each day has taken control of that. I am now back up in WI. This morning my truck was hit while parked at a truck stop for the second time in less than two weeks. Grrrrr