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Published on February 28, 2011 By MasonM In Blogging

On Friday I picked up a military truck at a trade show in Ft Lauderdale, FL. It is going to Ft Benning, GA. Unfortunately, I can't actually deliver it until Tuesday morning.

I took my time driving up here, stopping in Bradenton, FL for the night where I took a cab over to a sports pub that has the Buzztime Trivia game. Normally you use a Playmaker to play the game, but I installed a Playmaker app on my iPad that allows me to log in and play right from my iPad instead of using their machine.

I played a few games while having a few cold ones and some dinner. I won all but one game, and managed to rank 168 on the national board, out of 5,000+ players.

I arrived here in Columbus, GA yesterday afternoon and got myself a room. Why not? The customer is paying for it. I eventually took a cab to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and a few cold ones. They also have the Buzztime game so I played that for a while. It's an enjoyable way to relax and pass the time. I won some games, didn't win some others, and on the national board I could only get as high as 245 out of 4,000+ players.

This morning I went out and about, bobtailing. I got got breakfast at Waffle House, and then decided to get a haircut. Being as I am just outside a military base barbershops are plentiful and it was pretty easy to find a place. Afterward I killed a little time browsing around in a military supply store, just checking out the latest gear available.

The supply store had a pretty nice military messenger bag and I was tempted to buy one. I decided to pass on it, as I just don't really need it.

I finally returned here to my room to do the paperwork I have been putting off. I just really dislike doing paperwork, but if I want to get paid the end of the week it had to be done. It is now all done and scanned in to the office. Now I can go back to killing time again.

There isn't anything within walking distance of the motel, so there isn't a whole lot to do without having to drive someplace. As I drive for a living, I am not really fond of driving on my off hours. There is a little bar about 3 miles from here, and I could take a cab there, but as I have to deliver on the base at 6:00 am tomorrow morning I have to behave myself.

I guess I'll just hang around here and relax.

on Feb 28, 2011

Sounds like you're feeling a little better about blogging.  Do you still have your house in Fla. or did you sell it.

on Feb 28, 2011

Sounds like you're feeling a little better about blogging.  Do you still have your house in Fla. or did you sell it.

I sold it last year. I am officially homeless.

on Mar 01, 2011


I sold it last year. I am officially homeless.

Except the RV with the extra long trailer?

Given what you have written about your background, I suspect you would be good in any game of trivia!  Most of us concentrate on one area, but you have many covered!

Have a safe trip.  It was "nippy" in California.  Those beach bums were wearing woolen underwear!

on Mar 01, 2011

At  least you are running SOUTH.  I think you might miss your former life there in Florida with your home and cameras and your bike and your mother.  You know where I am coming from with this BUT I am so glad to see you post.  Time to warm up for sure. Happy traveling.  

on Mar 04, 2011

Where have you ended up this week.  Hope it is a warm spot.

on Mar 06, 2011
Thanks, folks. Yeah, the full time RV helps I do try to keep myself edjumicated on A-Z. I do miss my mother, but do not miss my former home. I take life as it is and do not waste time on recriminations or on wishing the world would be as I want instead of what it is. I share a lot of world view with Ayn Rand in that regard, I refuse to view life as anything short of what it is. I am currently in PA. It was raining when I got here but now it is snowing. Yuck. I have already shaved off my beard for Spring and it is still cold. Ah well.it is what it is.