A bunch of useless crap
Published on August 8, 2008 By MasonM In Humor

on Aug 09, 2008


on Aug 11, 2008
Yes it is. And copied and modified countless times. Especially the Chevy Chase/Ronald Reagan take off.
on Aug 11, 2008
I love Abbot and Costello. "Africa Screams" was my introduction to them when I was a lad..

on Aug 12, 2008

when comedy required wit, timing and creativity. Not shock appeal, props and f-bombs.

on Aug 12, 2008
I had the opportunity to read this out loud in an English class once. Unfortunately the other reader did not have the wit or timing necessary. I probably would have been able to do the routine without the script.
on Aug 26, 2008
A true classic!
Could apply it to lotsa threads!!!