A bunch of useless crap
Published on October 9, 2007 By MasonM In Misc
This commercial just played on my idiot box and I get a good laugh every time I see it. A bird craps on a guy. He drinks a Red Bull (gives you wings) and then the guy flies up above the bird. He starts unbuckling his pants and the bird freaks.

Ok, ok, I think it's funny anyway.

on Oct 09, 2007
I don't think I've seen that one yet but my favorites are the Messing with Sasquatch one's.  They are hilarious.  I wonder if Sasquatch will get his own TV show next year or maybe a Red Bull with wings cartoon show.  It sounds like something Comedy Central would show. 
on Oct 10, 2007
Most of those Red Bull (and Vault too) commercials are stupid.  But I think the joy of this one is - who would not like to do that to a bird?
on Oct 10, 2007

This was one of those commercials that I saw coming from a mile away.  Obviously for Red Bull by the hand-drawn cartoon aspect, the second he got crapped on I saw it coming.  But I didn't think they really would.

But they did.

on Oct 10, 2007
I guess Red Bull gave the marketing team a few wings too many.