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Published on August 23, 2007 By MasonM In Entertainment
There's a new movie release, Mr. Bean's Holiday.

I am so looking forward to seeing this one. I've always loved Rowan Adkinson's Mr. Bean character. The guy is hilarious. I can hardly wait.

on Aug 23, 2007
I'm excited for it, too. I really loved the British program, and I thought that the movie was pretty good - even if a tad too americanized. Hopefully it'll be a winner and not a wiener.
on Aug 23, 2007
Well, Mr. Bean is a weiner so that's a given
on Aug 24, 2007
This is the second movie right? I remember the first one, it was funny! I like seeing him in different movies and on his tv program too!
on Aug 25, 2007
Yep, this is a new one, second I think.
on Aug 27, 2007
I actually saw it for the first time last April, as it came out in the UK six months ago. I just happened to be over there for work and had time to spare. First thing I wanted to do was take my family to it... but had to wait until this August to do so.

Hilarious film. I loved it, my kids loved it, and it was a great film. We are Bean fans -- we own the DVD boxed set after becoming fans of the series on PBS.

Will "Mr. Bean's Holiday" win any Academy Awards? No, probably not. But by golly it was 90 minutes well spent.
on Aug 27, 2007
He's always been among my favorites as well. There's something about British humor you just can't help but enjoy.